the graphic tee

I love vintage graphic tees and have been collecting them since I was in high school. Graphic tees have made a strong comeback as seen on the runway at Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Gucci, etc., but why pay $350+ for a designer tee when you can get the real thing for a fraction of the cost?  

My favorite online destinations to find rare vintage tees at modest price points are eBay and Etsy (this Etsy shop always has a great selection on rotation). My favorite vintage store for tees in NYC is Star Struck Vintage. If you ever find yourself in Nashville, be sure to check out their sister location in the East End neighborhood. They have an incredible selection of vintage tees, furs and Levis. I also love the ever popular What Comes Around Goes Around in Soho, and smaller, less trafficked La Petite Mort in the LES, Beacon's Closet near Union Square and No Relation in the East Village. 


But back to the tees. I sleep in them, I workout in them, and more often than not, I wear them out during the day or out at night. To refine the look of a distressed tee, I always pair them with smart denim, a classic handbag and lady-like footwear (as shown below with my Chanel slingbacks). Cool, comfy and chic.  

— BK