the winter 17 edit

January, for me, is all about detoxing ― my body, my mind and my wardrobe. When entering into the new year, I try to stay out of stores and avoid shopping online (because didn't I do enough damage in December?). Unless of course, I'm planning ahead for spring or any warm weather destinations.

In the throws of winter on the east coast all we wear is warm outerwear and boots so no one cares what you wear underneath. With that said, I like to repurpose (and dry clean on repeat) my favorite knits until the snow melts. Tip: I suggest investing in one new jacket per season that you cannot live without or that you are certain you won't grow tired of. This will become your statement piece and make any outfit cool ― even in joggers when going on a coffee run.

Below is a preview of my winter 16 edit. To see more weekly additions visit the shop my style page. 

— BK