Net-A-Porter sale

It's that time of year. The biannual Net-A-Porter sale! Navigating a major sale like Net-A-Porter's can be a bit overwhelming, and you'll notice your wishlist will start to sell out before you even finish browsing the shoe section. So after years of shopping this sale, I've learned a few shopping strategies that help me find exactly what I'm looking for. 

no. 1  search by designer

I always sort by designer. I begin by opening tabs of my favorite designers like KhaiteTotême, Protagonist and Maison Margiela. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, this immediately narrows down my search to 10-20 items at a time so I know exactly what is on sale. This is my favorite and most-efficient shopping method. 

no. 2  search by categories  

I also like to open tabs of my favorite products — denim, shoes and outerwear. I find these three categories sell out the quickest, and are usually the most discounted at 40-50% off. Also, you can never have too many jeans, shoes or jackets, right? Lastly, I know my size in all of the above so this makes it even easier by limiting my search by size.

no. 3  search for specific items 

My last method is to search for specific colors, fabrics or one-off items that I have been wanting or needing. Example: are you looking for a navy cashmere knit? That Altuzzarra pearl headband as seen on the runwayJennifer Fisher gold hoops? Black satin mules? Easy. 

Good luck and happy shopping!

— BK 


my sale picks: