winter uniform

My go-to outfit for the winter months is nothing special, but when I have days where I'm lacking brainpower (sleep) or only have 2 minutes to get ready, I can always rely on the sweater, denim and wool coat combo. Shoes are left entirely up to my mood, but right now I am rotating between Isabel Marant ankle boots, Golden Goose sneakers and Gucci loafers. If I'm going out to dinner or attending a casual event, I'll wear my Chanel slingbacks or a classic pair of Manolo pumps. 

What will help set your look apart from looking anything but #basic is by finding super-refined, wool overcoat options (I love Zara and Topshop for affordable on-trend styles that look designer) and high-quality knits that will last you more than a few seasons, or years. When shopping for coats, I always opt for oversized silhouettes or extra-long hemlines because they really do lengthen the frame, and most importantly, make any outfit look instantly smart. 

As for seasonal sweaters, my favorite knit brands are by Acne Studios (for their excellent fit and minimal, European designs), The Row (pricey but worth the splurge!) and COS (budget-friendly and their merino wool knits are everything — I always check the mens section, too). One last thing worth noting, I love a monochromatic look. There is nothing more chic than a matching sweater + wool coat combo (see below for inspo) in shades of camel, off-white, or navy. 

My motto in life? Buy it once, buy it right. 

— BK

winter uni 2.jpg
winter uni.jpg