on my mind: sunglasses

I am very particular about sunglasses — when I find a pair I love, I wear them for years (literally), so I always find a need to add a new pair to my collection. 

When looking for the perfect sunglasses, the fit, shape, versatility and designer all go into my consideration. Rather than following seasonal trends, I prefer classic styles and colors (black and tortoiseshell, always) and invest in quality. I find that when you do invest in a quality pair, you're less likely to regrettably leave them in the backseat of an Uber.

Tip: to avoid faux lighting, always try sunglasses on a sunny day and ask a sales associate if you can step outside the store with a handheld mirror. I did this one time at the Dior Beverly Hills and it ultimately changed my big decision making purchase.  

— BK

Below are sunglasses I'm loving right now for summer 2017.