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what I'm buying

After the holidays, I try to cut back on shopping and hold out until spring. I made it through all of January, but come February I purchased a few items that I can confidently say have earned their cost per wear. 

What started out as a quick search on Net-A-Porter for a luncheon outfit, lead me to buying these perfect black cropped trousers. I wasn't sure if they would live up to their investment, but they do, and they have quickly become my go-to pant. They're the perfect evening bottom with my favorite heels, but they also make any daytime outfit look pulled together when you want to be but would rather stay in your pajamas. Yes, they're comfortable too. 

celine plastic bag runway.jpg

My next purchase was something that I had been eyeing for months: the infamous plastic bag. I called up my SA at Céline (and we exchanged many, many texts) to add myself to the never-ending waitlist. Luck was on my side because I was able to get the last one before the next shipment, which from what I heard is going to be even smaller than the first. Anyway. It's definitely a trendy bag (and a little humorous, which I kind of love), but I think it's important to remember that some trends are worth investing in, as long as you know you'll love it just as much, if not more, when the trend recycles. That was this bag for me, especially given Phoebe's departure. While I was in store, I picked up the gold alphabet pendant and chain (and the jersey string!) too that I had also been eyeing. I'm so glad I did because I can't stop wearing it, and I love alternating between the gold chain and the navy jersey — even when I'm wearing leggings and a sweatshirt around the house.  

— BK

my style journey

As I reflect back on one year since the launch of Brooke Katherine, I thought it would be interesting to share how my style has evolved over the years. When launching my new business and blog, I wanted to create a space to showcase my personal style, and what it truly means to edit and curate your own wardrobe. I imagine most people are surprised by the size of my wardrobe, given that fashion is such a big part of my life. Nowadays, I only hold on to what I love and wear often, and fantasize about my next investment purchase. 

I also minimize my wardrobe by selling or donating frequently. If I buy something that doesn't fit properly, I bring it to the tailor. If I stop wearing a sweater because it's too pilled, I donate it. There is no sense in filling a closet with pieces that you don't love or wear, right? I like to edit, eliminate or replace, if necessary. 



The belief behind this minimalist practice is what helps keep me grounded and self-aware, and it reminds me what it is that I love about fashion and dressing others so much. My definition of personal style is a form of self-expression that allows you to become the person you want to be by making choices about what you wear and how you dress. For me, that means being a true minimalist. For others, it might be something entirely different and that's okay. The reality is though, personal style is getting lost (and often forgotten) in the mass of consumerism by a never-ending desire to shop and buy 24/7. As a result of social media, our society has an insatiable desire for everything new, and now. But the problem isn't about what we are consuming, but how much of it we are consuming, and the meaning that these consumptions have on our lives. 

black outfit simple.jpg

In a weird way, I think the collective pieces in my closet have helped shape me into the person I am by learning how to be more thoughtful — not just in light of my past shopping habits or how I get dressed — but to appreciate everything I own in a way that excites me and keeps me humble. For example, I justify my spending on an expensive (but in my mind, perfect) denim jacket because I know it will be a staple in my closet now and for years to come. Secondly, I'm always thinking of new ways to wear it with things that I already own and love. This concept truly makes getting dressed more fun and eliminates any stress ('I have nothing to wear'), as opposed to when my wardrobe was five times the size it is now. 

When I wear my favorite pieces over and over, like a sweater by The Row or my favorite denim, I feel confident and grounded, as if I made a sound investment. Something that I have been working towards over the years is to love each and every garment, bag and shoe in my closet, regardless of how old or new. By doing so, I'm constantly inspired to 'perfect' my thoughtful, minimal and well-loved wardrobe. That to me, is what my style journey is all about. As always, please feel free to email me with any questions, style guidance or just to say hello. 

— BK