it's cold outside

On a cold day like today, it's not easy getting dressed, especially when you have to leave the house. Without stating the obvious, dressing in freezing temps is about practicality and weather-appropriate outerwear, footwear and accessories.

The key to dressing warm (while still looking chic) is unexpected layers. I love layering coordinated outerwear, like a trench over a shearling coat, or a denim jacket under an oversized wool coat. Play with layers (blazers, knits, etc.) and bundle up! As for evening dressing, a pair of stockings or warm cashmere socks provide extra warmth, and are the answer to wearing anything but another pair of boots. And thanks to Balenciaga, puffers look extra cool with leggings and heels. The more layering, the better. 

— BK 

2018 style goals

no. 1  continue to take risks

Regardless of age, always take risks and continue to experiment who you could or want to become. 

This goal can be interpreted in many different ways, but I first became attracted to the idea of minimalism when I moved to NYC — the idea that I could lead a simple lifestyle and be content. It all began with my oversized wardrobe (and my tiny Manhattan apartment), and I started to minimize my need for wanting more and appreciating less. Over the years, I've developed a strong sense of who I am through personal style and self-expression, but I continue to take risks and never fear being myself, no matter where I live or who I meet. 

no. 2  be more real 

As in, share more in 2018 — not just through my style, but with my readers and followers as well.

Sometimes I put too much emphasis on finding the perfect white blouse (even though, I'll never stop looking) or only sharing pretty Instagram worthy images. My goal is to be someone or something that is relatable so in the new year I want to start sharing more with my audience. I'll start by sharing a truth, if you don't already know this by now, and that is I repeatedly wear the same outfits until I tire of them (in between washings, of course). Not only does it save time, but I invest in quality, and truthfully, I love what I wear. If you follow me on Instagram this is often why you'll see my wearing the same sweater or coat in varying posts for weeks at a time. So in 2018, more realism. 

no. 3  invest in denim 

Invest more time and money into finding quality denim. 

This last goal will be fun. I wear denim daily, but my body type (straight-figured with a long torso), and my particularities, has made me detest jean shopping. Believe it or not I only own a handful of pairs that I routinely wear. Often when I'm searching for a new style I look to H&M's high-waisted denim or COS because they fit my body type and they're both incredibly affordable (tip: always size down). In 2017 I did, however, fall in love with Khaite and Toteme's denim, so in the new year I would love to add a third, or possibly fourth, new brand to my collection. 

— BK

holiday attire rules

no. 1  always dress-up 

The holidays only come once a year so whatever the occasion, dress-up, have fun, and spend a little extra time on your appearance. Additionally, to make life easier I always book beauty appointments in advance. The wonders of a good blowout and fresh red manicure make me feel human, and it's two less things I have to do the night of the party. Example: think extra with this statement top (which you can repeat on NYE), this seasonally appropriate bag or this velvet kimono. 

                                Image from UK Vogue 1997 (Tim Walker)

                                Image from UK Vogue 1997 (Tim Walker)

no. 2  rely on accessories 

Sometimes all you need is a simple black dress with statement earrings or a pair of heels that strike up conversation on their own. Example: this 90s LBD with these crystal earrings or these velvet heels. 

no. 3  redefine "sexy" 

You can still dress like you've got it without flaunting (all of) it. Focus on one area that you feel most comfortable showing off — be it legs, arms or back — and the rest should remain a mystery. Play with proportions. Example: this satin skirt with this fitted sweater. 

no. 4  think comfortable

The holidays are spent eating, drinking, dancing and celebrating, so don't let your festive attire get in the way of enjoying yourself. Forget the 4" heels and Spanx. Example: these flat mules (that look like Prada for less), these festive wide-leg trousers or this loose-fit dress. 

no. 5  a touch of fur 

When in doubt, add fur with a jacket, handbag or stole. There is nothing more festive, or warm, than adding a little fur to your holiday look. Example: this outfit topper, this faux-fur stole or this little faux-fur tote. 

— BK 

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