#moodboard no. 1

If you've been following me on Instagram, you know that I love mood boards. Even pre-dating Pinterest, I've been creating collages since I was a teenager, and cutting out magazine editorials and taping them into composition notebooks. 

Once a week, I gather images I've been pinning on Pinterest and saving on Instagram. I then select any images that stand out to me or that start to form a pattern (Manolos and gold jewels are always on repeat), and play around with imagery. Often time its the reverse, in that I'm already inspired by something so I 'research' for a specific image that fits the overall aesthetic (researching is my favorite part of the process).

Ultimately, the images I select not only play off one another, but collectively inspires my style for the upcoming week. Believe it or not, I reference back to these boards often, as they do help influence my shopping wish lists and seasonal edits (more on that later). 

— BK


minimal 90s beauty, vintage Manolo Blahniks, preppy knits and gold jewelry

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